Monday, November 26, 2012

Week 3 Day 1

I was back to the strictest diet today.  Breakfast was egg whites with lean chicken sausage and broccoli.  Not bad.  Lunch was a mixed green salad with avocado and tomatoes and a teeny bit of raspberry vinaigrette.  I was in a little rush so I went for a protein bar before my workout.  Low sugar, high protein and tasty.  My workout today was back, triceps, abs and a little elliptical to burn my calories for the day.  I really liked the back stuff, and most of the triceps stuff, but I still couldn't do the Seated dips.  I don't even know if I was any better at them than last week.  I blew through abs and the elliptical and made my way home to make dinner.  Tonight was carne asada, pre-marinated by Trader Joe's.  It's so good and we all love it.  I had sautéed some mushrooms, sweet onions and mushrooms to go with the steak.  I fixed my "tacos" with iceberg lettuce leaves, tomatoes, green onions and a little guacamole.  The kiddos had theirs with corn tortillas and some shredded cheese.  They did a great job of trying the sautéed veggies too.  My mom was over and she decided to try a lettuce taco too and she liked it.  We let the kids choose one of their pieces of Halloween candy for dessert...and I had to leave the room.  I have such a sweet tooth and just couldn't be in the same room to watch them choose and eat their piece of candy.  We negotiated with them and agreed to let them keep 8 pieces of candy and we bought the rest.  After tonight, they each have 6 pieces left, so I guess I'll have to avoid that candy a little longer.

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