Friday, November 23, 2012

Week 2 Day 5

So today wasn't the best day...the Huskies Coug'd the Apple Cup.  Not good.

Other than that, we had a nice day.  We all went to the YMCA for a Itty Bitty Sports Sampler for the kids.  Little One really liked it so she will probably take basketball in January.  After that I went to do my chest and biceps workout.  I really sucked at it last time, so right away I noticed an improvement.  I could actually finish all of the bicep sets.  It felt awesome.  I used the 20 pound bar for Straight Bar Curls and the Preacher Curls and I really struggled to finish last week.  The gym doesn't have a 25 pound bar and the 30 was too heavy, so I will have to figure something out for next week.  The one I had the most trouble with today was the Seated Cable Fly.  I can only do about 5 before I start really struggling and shaking.

When I finished the chest and bicep stuff, I did a quick ab workout and then went to the elliptical to burn through the rest of my calories for the day.  I pushed myself and was sweaty and done in 10 minutes and did a 5 minute cool down.  When I left, it was pouring down rain.  I'm really wondering if tomorrow will be the first day I run in the rain.  Yikes!

We had my parents over for leftovers today.  My dad loves the classic turkey and cranberry sandwich, but my mom tried the low sugar cranberries, no bread stuffing and the maple sweet potatoes...and she loved them!  She said the stuffing had all the satisfying flavor of my typical stuffing, but without all the heaviness.  I had a really hard time not eating a huge plate of leftovers.  My cheat day can't extend into the long weekend, so I ate a nice serving of turkey breast and minimized or skipped everything else.  After all, eating such rich food yesterday kind of did a number on my stomach.  Just another benefit of healthy eating.

Darab and I are going to our first movie in months.  We are going to see Skyfall.  He's pretty stoked and I'm hoping I can stay awake until midnight.  I am going to sneak in my own popcorn, water and satsuma.  I love having treats at the movies and hopefully this will satisfy my sweet and salty cravings.  I'll let you know tomorrow. Good night!

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