Saturday, November 17, 2012

Week 1 Day 6

Today was so wonderful for so many reasons.  The first one being that I slept in this morning.  Thanks Darab!  When I did finally rise, I was so pleasantly surprised to find my hubby making a healthy breakfast...for himself!  I could've been upset that he wasn't making it for me, but I am just so happy that he has been supportive of my program.  He asked me lots of questions and went grain free today.  He made a great eating buddy for me.  I did make my own breakfast.  Lean chicken sausage sautéed with fresh spinach and an egg.  So yummy!

He also made a great work out buddy!  We all piled in the van and went to the YMCA.  Today was chest and biceps.  I walked into the weight room ready to go.  It was so nice to have Darab working out with me.  I quickly realized just how weak my arms and chest are.  Most of the exercises were really tough, even with a very light weights.  When it came to biceps I couldn't even finish a few of the sets.  My arms just simply stopped.  It was a little frustrating to feel like such a wuss, but based on how I'm still feeling it in my arms, I did the most I could do.

I didn't burn all of my calories in the weight room, so I hopped onto the elliptical to make my daily goal.  I was pleasantly surprised to realize that I've already built up a little endurance!  I quickly got my heart rate up and was able to keep up a good pace with a high resistance.  I burned through those last few calories pretty quickly and then did a little cool down.  It was so satisfying.

After the workout, we went to Seattle Super Supplements and I got a protein powder.  They are always so nice and helpful there.  The lady helped me find a protein powder that met all of my food coach's requirements and recommended a liquid fish oil supplement.  She even said that I could bring back my fish oil capsules that I didn't like because of the fish oil taste.  According to her, if you don't have your gallbladder, you can't break down the fat and you end up with the fishy burps.  Not good.  I'm willing to try the liquid.  I chose chocolate for the protein powder and made one up as soon as we got home.  It was so nice to feed the chocolate craving.  I threw some frozen berries in there and it was delicious.

Today I did the a good job of eating several small meals.  That's been a little challenging for me so far, but it is part of what I'm supposed to do.  It worked out pretty well.  Every time I could feel myself getting crabby it was because I was hungry, so I went to the kitchen to make something to eat.  I never had that bloated, too full feeling and I got to eat something yummy whenever I was hungry.  And I'm still under my calories for the day!

Another reason today rocked...Stanford beat Oregon and Notre Dame will be ranked number 1.  The Huskies are ranked and Kansas was knocked off.  Awesome college football day.  

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