Monday, November 19, 2012

Week 2 Day 1

I woke up and Darab had made the kids' breakfast, then I made Darab's breakfast, then the kids made my breakfast.  That would've been nice, but I made my own breakfast...while I was hounding the kids to finish theirs and go wash up.  It's getting easier to eat each day.  Today's was chicken sausage, egg whites and avocado.  Yummy.

I took the kids to school, but didn't have time to get a work out in my precious free time.  Little One and I did some shopping after I picked her up and came home to make lunch.  Hers was cheese, crackers, turkey and apples.  Mine was italian chicken sausage, spinach and spaghetti squash.  The spaghetti squash was left over from last night.  We made it for the first time and had it with garlic shrimp.  It's doesn't really compare to pasta, but it was really good...great with garlic shrimp.  Darab had a second dinner of the spaghetti squash with marinara.  He seemed to like it.  Little One tried some of my squash and she said she liked it, but didn't take anymore bites.  

After we picked up Little Guy from school, we came home and I marinated some pork tenderloin for tomorrows dinner.  This whole healthy eating does take some prep work.  Then we headed off for the Y so I could work out with Darab while the kids played.  It rained buckets here today, and when Little Guy ran into the YMCA he slipped and knocked his head hard on the tile floor.  So I was the mom who dropped all of her stuff on the floor to hold her SCREAMING child and the entire lobby was watching us.  Parenthood.  And ice pack and several hugs, rubs and kisses later, Little Guy was ready to play.  So we went to go work out.

Today was back and triceps.  I really liked the back stuff and some of the triceps stuff, but once again I felt like there were a few things that I just completely sucked at.  For example, Seated Dips.  I couldn't do them.  I tried and bent my arms all weird and ended up with my butt on the ground.  I felt like a wuss.  I ended up doing them with my feel tucked up like I was sitting, and still I could BARELY do 8 in a row.  But I did do 8 in a row 4 times...barely.  

After weights, I still had calories to burn.  Off to the elliptical I went.  Again, I was so happy that my endurance increased and I was able to get my heart rate up and keep that pace up for 6 minutes!  Then I slowed down for about 5 minutes.  I cranked it back up for another 6 minutes then did a 5 minute cool down and boom, exceeded my calories burned for the day.  Awesome.

So it was just a simple canned tuna dinner for the hubby and I.  Made some pumpkin muffins for a PTA thing and didn't eat a single crumb.  We watched Boardwalk Empire last night, and oh my goodness!  So tonight we are going to watch Walking Dead!  Bye!

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