Sunday, November 25, 2012

Week 2 Day 7

Sunday, rest day.  I've loved the break from working out today.  My legs were a bit sore from yesterday's run...but overall it was a good day!  Darab and I went out to do some Christmas shopping.  Thanks Mom, for staying with the little ones.  We are off to a good start with shopping, but while we were out we stopped to eat.  I haven't been to a restaurant in the last two weeks and didn't really think it would be as hard as it was.  We ate sushi and I just didn't eat the rice...but I did have a few bites of rolls and that involved a little white rice.  Ahhh!  It feels pretty bad to admit that.  I'll have to plan a bit better next time we are going to be eating out.

I think I did a bit better when I took my mom out to dinner.  We went to a really great Italian restaurant.  We shared beef carpaccio for an appetizer.  It was topped with arugala and parmesan shavings, which I easily avoided.  But, oh my, the carpaccio with arugala and a little balsamic drizzled on top was so good.  My mom got this fabulous looking, super thin crust pizza for dinner.  It looked yummy.  But I got a very tasty salad with balsamic vinegar and a little olive oil.  We had a nice time and I didn't bust my calories for the day.  Still I think I could've eaten better today, so I'm looking forward to getting by to what I know has been working well, hard work and a strict diet.

Overall, I am extremely happy with the progress I've made in the last 2 weeks!  I really wish I hadn't waited so long to get started.  But hey, it could've been worse, I could've waited until after the holidays. ;-)

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