Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Week 1 Day 2

Today started out okay.  My sweetie nudged me awake and left my black coffee on the night stand.  We went to bed a little late last night because we finally watched last Sunday's episode of Walking Dead.  I still don't think I've fully recovered from the show the week before, but it was a good episode, none the less.

Anyway, I was a little tired this morning, but there were some things I had to do.  Make the kiddos breakfast and get them ready for school.  And get myself ready to go straight to the gym after I dropped them off in order to make a 9 am class....this included eating breakfast.  I'm not really a fan of eating in the morning.  I'd much rather just drink coffee.  So I came up with some orange bell pepper sautéed in coconut oil and egg whites.  I put it in a little dish and looked at it for a few minutes while I was gearing up to eat it.  Here's what it looked like...

I took a bite and it was pretty darn good.  I am going to start preparing the night before to give myself a better shot at a successful morning.  Have my work out clothes and gym stuff ready, and get my meat and veggies cut up for my healthy breakfast.  But I'm pretty happy that I ate breakfast and got the kids to school on time today.  I should also mention that my hubby walked out the door with all of our soda and all the Halloween candy that was left in the house.  We made an offer to the kids last night to purchase their candy and they accepted right away...so off it went!

So today's work out killed me.  I went to a class called Cardio Kickboxing.  Most everyone there was in shape and wearing fancy work out clothes.  The Step instructor from yesterday came to take the class.  I had an, "Oh crap.  I shouldn't be here" moment...then decided to stay and give it my all.  Apparently, my all pales in comparison to everyone else's that was there.  I struggled!  There was so much jumping and kicking.  It was so hard to keep up.  It was a lot of leg work, and at some point mine just wouldn't move.  Crazy stuff started going through my head like, "What have I gotten myself into?" and "Maybe I'm just not the athletic type."  I felt like an idiot and sort of wanted to leave and cry, but I didn't!  I stayed, did my best and burned 699 calories!!!  Yeah!

After working out I went to pick up my little one from preschool.  I basically limped to her classroom because my legs were so tired.  I'm sore but it feels kinda nice, like I really earned something.  I came home and was HUNGRY!  I made some tuna, heavy on the celery, very light on the mayo and ate it up. 

Now I just need to muster up some energy to take care of the kids tonight while Darab works late, make and eat a healthy dinner and get some good rest.  Then I get to do the whole thing again tomorrow!  

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